Quality of all tooling equipment guaranteed.

„MONI MG“ Ltd. manufactures standard tooling equipment of the following types: dies, die casting molds for ZAMAK and aluminum, blow molds and injection molds for plastic.

The tool manufacturing unit is also a producer of non-standard instrumental equipment upon customer request.

In order to ensure customer convenience, „MONI MG“ Ltd. presents a prompt and qualitative warranty and sales service.

The high quality of end products is a result of the interaction between modern automated manufacturing and excellent materials.

Tool Manufacturing:

The extensive machine park situated on the territory of the tool manufacturing unit includes wire-cut and spark erosion machines AGIE, CNC-milling machines, jig grinding machine HAUSER, jig boring machine, surface and cylindrical grinding machines, profile grinding machines, universal milling machines and turning lathes.


„MONI MG“ Ltd. uses nothing but top quality steel Bohler (Austria) and standard tool components from established in the metalworking industry suppliers such as Hasco (Germany), Pedrotti(Italy), DME (USA). As a result, our production of dies, die casting molds for aluminum and ZAMAK, blow and injection molds for plastic, and specific customer instruments is synonymous to reliable quality and endurance.


The tool manufacturing unit features an advanced measuring laboratory equipped with 3D automatic measuring machines and a microscope TESA as well as with all known precision measuring instruments.

Based on the conducted measurements, „MONI MG“ Ltd. issues quality warranties that aim at enhancing our customers’ satisfaction.