Powder coating for resistant covering and even coloring

The powder coating unit specializes in blasting and powder coating.

The electrostatic powder coating is a preferred method of metal finishing because it provides high quality and endurance, 60-80 µm evenly coating, and wide range of special effects, impossible with other surface treatment methods.

With the concern about environment protection increasing, powder coating is differentiating as an environmentally friendly production process with low emissions of dangerous substances, waste and volatile organic compounds (VOC).


The powder coating process includes several stages:
– Preliminary preparation of the parts
– Electrostatic Powder Coating
– Paint Baking

Preparation stage:

The preliminary preparation stage includes removal of oils, dirt, lubrication, metal oxides and other surface blemishes. The preparatory procedures are conducted in a powder coating unit for spray degreasing and iron phosphating that uses high quality agents by the world renowned producer Henkel (Germany).


An essential part of the effective preparation of the details is the signature service of „MONI MG“ Ltd.’s powder coating unit – blasting. „MONI MG“ Ltd. recommends blasting with steel shots to all of the Powder Coating Unit’s customers, because this additional treatment increases the coating surface and enhances paint cohesion, quality and endurance of the coating.

The core stage of powder coating consists of electrostatic application of the powder over the parts. The equipment is comprised of spray guns GEMA (Switzerland) and the supplies come from leading paint producers such as Akzo Nobel, YOTUN, DuPont, TIGER, WÖRWAG, RELIUS.

Baking and polymerization of a stable paint layer is conducted in high-degree industrial furnace with the following capacity: 4 x 1,8 x 1m.

Wheel Painting

A particular aspect of the powder coating unit services is electrostatic powder coating of iron and aluminum wheels. based on our professional experience „MONI MG“ Ltd. recommends and performs the following services that improve coating’s quality, endurance and appearance:
– Blasting
– Priming
– Powder Coating
– Lacquering
In order to guarantee the high quality of its performance, „MONI MG“ Ltd.’s powder coating unit is equipped with high tech measuring instruments such as caliper, spectrometer, and a cross-hatch test device.