Tradition and innovation combined in quality electroplating

The electroplating unit offers protective and decorative coating of metal surfaces by the means of electrochemical application.

The metal finishing unit is equipped with seven modern automated electroplating production lines.

The barrel type of lines is suitable for coating of small details, while the static type of lines is appropriate for parts that are large in size or peculiar as a form.

Barrel lines:

-Automatic electroplating line for zinc plating with a variety of passivation types (blue, yellow, black). Capacity 4000 kg/ shift.
(The above cited capacity is approximate)

-Automatic electroplating line for nickel plating with copper sub layer of items made of steel, brass or ZAMAK. Capacity 2000 kg/ shift.
(The above cited capacity is approximate)

Static Lines:

– Automatic electroplating line for multi-layer copper, nickel, or chrome plating that allows surface treatment of combined type such as shiny nickel-chrome with an optional copper sub layer. Max. Dimensions: 2400х1000х350мм.
– Automatic electroplating line for zinc plating with a variety of passivation types (blue, yellow, black). Max Dimensions: 3400х1200х400мм.

– Automatic electroplating line for decorative nickel-chrome plating of tubular furniture. The line is equipped for specific effects of surface coating; including satin, chrome matte, nickel matte.

– Automatic electroplating line for silver plating, suitable for the electronic and electro technical industries.

– Automatic electroplating line for zinc plating and phosphating of ZAMAK and steel items.

innovative technologies and processes

„MONI MG“ Ltd. implements innovative technologies and processes that provide high and steady product quality, minimize operating costs and maximize production capacity.

The quality of services the Electroplating Unit offers is pledged by the exclusive consumption of high quality supplies by leading European brands.

The quality and professional performance of the production process are guaranteed by analyses conducted in a well-equipped laboratory. The spectacular for the Bulgarian market X-ray Fisher „Scope“ controls the thickness of the coating, while the salt spray chamber tests the covered parts resistance to corrosion. To prove our credibility, we provide our customers with a certificate of conformity according to their requirements for all types of galvanic treatments.

The competitive advantage of MONI MG Ltd. in the sphere of Electroplating lies in the successful combination of high-tech equipment and strict requirements concerning the abidance of international quality and safety standards. The production process is consistent with the restricted use of dangerous substances according to the EU directive 2002/95/ЕС (ROHS). All types of passivation offered are based on triad chrome. In addition, we established a WWTP that guarantees safe working environment for both workers and subcontractors.